1. What is the scheduled start time of Dribble-a-thon?

The scheduled start time is 7 am sharp.

2. What time do I have to report at the venue ?

Reporting time will be 1 hour before the start of the event.

3. Do I need to bring Basketball or it will be provided at the venue ?

Basketball will be provided to you at the venue by NBA.

4. Is there any registration fee to register for this event ?

No. You can register free of cost.

5. Who all can participate in the Dribble-a-thon ?

Anyone above the age of 6 can participate in the Dribble-a-thon.

6. Will there be any parking available ?

The parking will not be provided by NBA. You will need to park your vehicle at the nearest Parking space at your own risk.

7. Do I need to wear the Bib in order to participate in Dribble-a-thon ?

Yes, Bib is compulsory to participate in the event and in order to qualify for the grand prize.

8. From where I can collect the Bib for the event ?

You will be intimated about your bib collection point through an official communication on your registered contact details at least a week before the event. You will have to collect your bib from the addressed location mandatorily.

9. Can I collect my bib on the event day ?

No. You are not allowed to collect the bib on the event day.

10. Can I walk-in and register on the event day ?

No, on the spot registrations on event day will not be entertained.